I was speaking of their medicine, which I would consider a sort of science. I’ve had extensive surgery, battling a life threatening illness and experienced a very rocky recovery. I relied on both eastern and western medicine to see me through. Eastern medicine is totally different. An acupuncturist, for example, treats both your mind and your body. Sometimes the mind session runs even longer than the pin cushion session!

But the acupuncture- best pain relief ever!!!! At least for me…the Vicodin and Percocets and OxyContin didn’t do a damn thing for me…and here’s the Crazy thing about western medicine, the more you tell them, it doesn’t work for you, the more they try to prescribe that crap to you. All that crap is highly addictive to some people, and they really shouldn’t prescribe it nearly as easily as they do. Those pain killers are the cause of the Opioid crisis we have in America now. But I digress. Back to acupuncture.

So acupuncturist believe in and study energy centers in the body as if it were a science! Just like in western medicine in anatomy-you have the skeleton and the muscle system. Well in acupuncture, they have pictures of bodies with certain energy systems identified. And they will tell you! They will be like, “Im putting needles in your stomach to affect the energy around your heart.” You’ll probably say this is pseudoscience. Before it happened to me, I’d be inclined to agree. But if you are in pain and an acupuncturist ends it (when even the opioids could not) you don’t care! You don’t care why the pain is gone!!! You are just glad that it is!

Acupuncture does not have the same affect on everyone. It works for some (to relieve pain) but not for others. Why? You’re going to say placebo effect. Maybe. But pain is pain…and if I were someone who could trick myself into believing in a painkiller, wouldn’t the opioids be a more logical choice? They are from my culture. It’s not as if I don’t believe that pills work.

Well to be fair, I don’t believe they work all the time. Western medicines pills, to me, are like LoA…sometimes they work…sometimes they don’t.

Anyway, the positive experiences I have had with eastern medicine cause me to believe that there is way more to the body than what can be observed. Eastern practitioners talk about energy centers in the body as matter of factly as western doctors talk about blood circulation and blockages. Can anyone see this energy or chi as the Asian practitioners say? No…well maybe the acupuncturist can. They definitely speak about it as if it’s a real thing…and they will tell you things that you can go and get verified by western medicine. Like an acupuncturist might touch your tummy, and decide that you need iron. Go and get a western medicine blood test…it will show the same. How do you explain that? I can’t except to say, they seem to have a system that works totally different from ours…but it works! It’s also way cheaper and far less painful than a lot of what western medicine has going on.

Whenever I would call my acupuncturist a doctor he would say, “I’m not a doctor.” But he would say it as if I had insulted him. As if the term doctor was so beneath him…as if to say…I want no part of that crap that you westerners pass off as medicine and healing. That was pretty much how he felt. He was like western doctors are basically butchers. They just cut people open and have no idea what they are doing.

A lot of practitioners of eastern medicine think our system is bull shit. So…you know some easterners still prefer their ancient systems which are very different from western systems…some have embraced western science, which they would have to in order to gain a certain status in the world, which the west dominates.

One of my surgeons was Chinese and she believed my acupuncturist was full of shit, but what else would she believe being fairly young and having spent at least a third of her life, pursuing a degree that clearly brain washed her into believing accupuncture was total bullshit.

So honestly…I say all of that to say this…to me, your concept of science is extremely limited. You seem to ascribe only to a Newtonian type of science, which was cutting edge…in the 16th century. The industry of western science wants to hold people to this paradigm, because this view of science, much like religion, makes it easier to control people. People won’t try to access a more elevated state of mind, if science says it’s impossible. People won’t try to understand that a particle is also a wave, if they are told they are too stupid to do anything useful with this information. (Which is essentially what you and Johnny told me, but I don’t take it personally. As I said, I’ve heard all of this before.)

This I know…because I have researched such things, some, not a majority, but some of Our twentieth and twenty/first century scientists are exploring far more expansive horizons beyond that which can be sensed with those extraordinarily limited five senses.

Have you seen or read, “what the bleep do we know?” I found all the science of that to be pretty convincing! Like the water thing! Are you going to tell me that’s pseudoscience? That water guy is pretty famous!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!