I will right now. This is just idiot talk. Everyone knows Trump is going to win again. We’ve all Got the DNC to thank for that. Obviously, it was what the DNC wanted.

No I’m not some cult-like Trumpster who thinks Trump is the messiah. (Many really think that).

I do think the Trumpsters adore him 1000 times more than any democrat lukewarm likes Joe Biden.

The energy of that, is what will prevail in November. The DNC had to know that when they selected Biden…and even Biden is only half-ass running. He doesn’t even seem like he wants it…and who can blame him really?

Bernie Sanders was the only shot at a Trump defeat…cause he too had that whole cult of personality thing going…but the DNC hated him more than Trump apparently.

Elizabeth Warren was this country’s only shot at COMPETANT new leadership, but apparently, Umair is right, American’s are idiots, in that we consistently vote against our own interests, especially when we could choose extreme racism or misogyny instead.

It’s a countries we’re the majority of voters love their hatred of the other, more than they love the sanctity of their own lives…quite literally.

Working with the Light!

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