I wish I knew! I don’t have any answers. I think people who identify as democrat are doing all that they can, resisting, protesting, voting, etc. But these are very different people, (with different motivations) than those running the DNC.

I think the people in the party, running and filling seats, are trying to serve two masters, the people and the special interests that empower all the politicians; and it’s getting harder and harder to do both. Nearly impossible. The DNC is all about special interests. Democrats as individuals are not. Therefore Democrats keep pushing a button, with ever diminishing returns.

Republicans don’t have this problem. The Republican Party on the other hand, has always been able to pacify its people with division, and demonization of other. Trump knows this and is leaning into it full throttle, like we’ve never seen. His base is ecstatic. They push a bottom for Trump, and for people who identify as Republican, it’s like it’s like hitting a million dollar jackpot.

It’s sad that they seem to think, as long as “other” is oppressed and losing, they are winning; and many are deep into the realm of fantasy with regard to just how they are winning.

Now that particular situation (all the religious, fanatical, cultish Republican activity) IS mysterious and bizarre.

I think it’s impossible to make sense of any of it right now. I have no answers to the political problems. None. Vote, I guess? Sorry this wasn’t more helpful.

Working with the Light!

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