I wonder if I can see through Trump so easily is because I was taught how to recognize conartist fairly young. At any rate, it might interest you to know that Trump has an extraordinarily high IQ 160, which is to say, he freaking pretends to be stupid!!!! He clearly is not! But just even the language he uses! He talks like a three year old, most of the time. It’s all a con. I cannot imagine the skill it takes for someone that intelligent to master the language of the silly and simple and stupid. Most Americans read on a fourth grade level. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is George W. Bush to the second power. W showed us that Half of America loves a silly, simple and stupid acting president. Trump is not that, but he plays one on TV to appeal to all the silly, simple and stupid barely literate Americans, of which there are literally millions.

But…that is not all. That doesn’t quite explain it, as there were still millions of highly educated and affluent Americans who also voted for Trump…and that I cannot figure.

To me Clinton was clearly the lesser of two evils. Say America is a house, a bloated and corrupt hoarders house with a roach and rat infestation problem. Clinton would come into the house, sell what was of value off and not do a damn thing to clean it up. But Trump? He is going to burn down the house. He is going to burn down the house for the insurance money.

Now if you are an American living in that damn house, which choice do you make? Clearly, you save the damn house.

But…its to late. Smoke is already choking the life out of some of us, and this mfer is just getting started. What really pissed me off is he is going to get super rich off of this, as are all of his kids, using the rest of what little American money taxpayers have left to see us through our country’s collapse.

And all these silly, simple and smug Trump supporters still have the gaul to walk around all gleeful amidst this chaos and destruction. This is making people really angry. Because it is one thing for the candidate of your choice not to win, it is quite another for Jeoffrey from Game of Thrones to be voted in office, and to have millions applauding his unnecessarily cruel whims, because they are too stupid or stubborn to invest in any sort of self-reflection regarding the damage they are doing to their own country and the rest of world.

Ten days in and our democracy has sustained greater damage then I have ever seen it take in my forty-five years. He is trying to go full on dictator after ten days! The legal system is being strained to the max, as is the legislature, as well as all the federal agencies. He is burning this house down.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!