I would agree. The kids are just reflecting what’s out there, in pop culture…and that’s pure idiocy and retardation. We’ve even got a president to match that frequency.

The Migos make Lil Wayne sound like a genius.

And yet, I banned Lil Wayne from my classroom discussions, even though I considered myself open to the artistic contributions of the hip-hop community, because, as I told my students the lyricists must be expressing some kind of intelligent thought. I refused to allow them to think or write about any damn body.

The Migos would not make the cut, in my classroom, where actual thinking is required.

Can they even be considered Lyracists? Since when does repeating nonsensical words or phrases over and over and over and over again constitute viable lyricism in hip-hop? Can you have hip-hop without lyricism? The Millenials seem to have no problem with this.

The whole trap thing, looks like people are acting out on drugs…come to find out…that’s what it is: either people imitating or really acting out on drugs.

That really doesn’t look or sound as fly as the people who are high might think it does.

When you make Lil Wayne seem like a genius…I’m just saying.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!