I would agree, if this were a political system which could be saved, which I don’t think it can. As for Caitlin Johnstone, I don’t know…something seems off. Is she a person or an algorithm? She posts all these long articles, that are the exactly perfect mix of political hot buttons and cynicism- to attract followers and rile people up. It seems hard to strike this perfect balance every single time one posts! Every single time? From one single writer?

I’m Just throwing it out there, she might not be a real person. But rather a group of people with an agenda. There are now entire corporations dedicated to controlling people’s thoughts via fake news- and what I mean by fake is news designed with certain emotional cocktails that will influence people and their voting patterns, cause there is crazy money in it.

There are “trust no one” days — especially, since EVERYONE and their mother is trying to cash in on all these extraordinary levels of dysfunction in our political system. Be no ones pawn, I say and keep critically thinking, just like you are doing. Everyone is down with the gold- plated calf worship. But that’s idiotic and we must keep thinking alive.

Working with the Light!

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