I would. I definitely do. It’s not where we’re at though, so it’s highly impractical and nearly impossible to get people to stop identifying with any set of traits that causes them to be under attack or provides them with certain privileges. It’s like insisting hungry people refuse to eat.

It’s just not going to happen. Identity is a basic psychological need. People are deeply entrenched in all sorts of identities and have been for the past 2000 years at least.

I can dig the idea that a set of traits that creates your “identity” is not important in the larger scheme of things. Especially, if you’re talking spiritual, metaphysical stuff, then absolutely, you can transcend certain identity traits, if not identity entirely.

But it’s nearly impossible to live a real life without “ identity.” Identity is at the core of life, and absolutely determines what sort of life anyone can have. So unless you’re a spirit, floating around on a cloud, your identity on this planet earth dictates a lot of different things.

If you’re black in America, it dictates that inevitably you will come across others who believe that your life does not matter. This is why I am deeply entrenched in the position that black lives DO matter. I feel it needs to be said. It also needs to be said about a whole lot of other lives, as well.

We could literally get lost forever in the infinity that is or is not identity. I won’t do that however, because it’s impractical, for me.

Real heinous things are happening to people because of their identities. People under attack don’t have the luxury of pretending certain parts of their identpart don’t exist. Having dark skin in America is to walk around with a bullseye on your back. Asking someone with dark skin to just ignore that reality, is a ridiculous request.

In Charlottesville, a white supremacists protestor screamed, “shut up nigger” to a black counter protestor and fired his pistol at the man, but also into the crowd. No one, reacted. The police completely ignored it. This is definitely an identity issue. This is definitely a black lives don’t matter issue. It’s definitely an identity issue.

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