I would say yes, this is true, if you want to be spiritual or philosophical. That is true.

But if you want to play at the game that is engagement in the world, you kinda have to take some sort of political stand, especially during times like these, or it’s “first they came for the socialist…” and on and on it goes.

I’ve always wondered what in the hell turns an ordinary person into a Nazi. As it turns out, not much. Not much at all. There’s a Nazi inside of you and a Nazi inside of me.

But I always promised myself, if I had to make the choice, between going Nazi or not, I would choose not. And I would do that out of allegiance to my higher spiritual self.

Well…I honestly feel like, unfortunately, now is the time, I have to make that choice. I have to take that stand; and no I am not angry. But I am determined. I hope that I am unwavering in my decision. It’s a good game to talk, but when it gets real, am I really the type to stand ferociously by my principles? This might no longer be some philosophical hypothetical dilemma, this can be real for me. In fact, it might already be.

How do people become Nazis? Quite easily. By looking the other way when the Gestapo comes for your neighbors. It’s happening now. Say it with me: ICE.

So right now, I am sorry the political for me is very fucking personal. It’s about how much of this horror I can take, and still live with myself, and still claim to have clean hands and an untainted soul.

Working with the Light!

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