I’d disagree, with the first part. Ask anyone who has been put on blast via Twitter by Trump or seriously threatens any action Trump is pursuing. (Like the independent Presidential candidate in Utah.) They get attacked by “reactionary thugs” who have appointed themselves Trump protectors, despite the fact that Trump actually does not enable them or support these individuals in very concrete or official ways, he knows they exist and he cultivates this support in subtle psychological communication systems that he has developed via social media — clever.

As for the second part, he has not stated, “I’m creating a third fascist party. That’s the ticket I’m running on!” Why would he? It was so much easier for him to hijack the Republican Party. He didn’t even have to bother to build a new system, he just stole theirs; and they were so desperate l, they didn’t mind much. Call fascism, Republican or conservative and it is a much easier sell.

In America, fascism, like racism, is generally a dirty word, no one wants to own it, although millions actually want to be it. They want to get to the action without the stigma. Whatever label you choose to put on it, Trump is destroying our democratic institutions, by completely disregarding the concerns of well over half of the nation, probably more actually like 90% of the nation, if you look at what he promised and what he is actually delivering. He is delivering extreme corruption. He is dividing the country up and auctioning it off to oligarchs and corporations. Nothing less democratic than that.


Working with the Light!

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