If everyone were given all that passes Donald Trump has been given, for lying, for stealing (which is clearly what he has done in many of his so called “deals” with smaller companies he refused to pay) for sexual assault, for unethical behavior, for childish behavior, for irrational behavior, etc., then the society would quickly descend into total anarchy. Quickly.

And as far children, who already have Donald Trump tendencies due to a lack of maturity, it is unreal the kind of message a President like Trump sends to them. It’s okay to bully. It’s okay to mock children with disabilities, which, I must say, I have not known the children in my community to do, as the disabled children have been mainstreamed into classrooms with the no disabled.

I am so proud to say, that the children in my community treated these special needs children with patience and kindness- and yet Trump teaches the opposite -on national TV no less. Politicians are supposed to kiss babies…and yeah we all know it’s a ploy and no that probably don’t really care about the babies they kiss, but it’s symbolic. They care about the youth, the future.

Trump? Kicks babies out of the hate rallies, which are probably good for the babies after all, but again… what kind of message?

What is good for the goose, is good for the gander and so everyone who voted for Trump should have no problem with everyone, lying, stealing, saying whatever the hell they want, doing whatever the hell they want, because that’s exactly what they endorsed in Trump, overwhelming. Get ready for a society where all of that is the new normal- and if you voted for Trump, you dare not complain about any of it. How can any of us, look any of these kids in the face and say bullying is not the answer when it got a man elected to the United States presidency?

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!