If I worked for Monsanto, I’d probably lie about it too. Everyone lies, in this day and age it’s just a matter of how much, how often, how outrageous and for what reasons.

With everything- all the nonstop billion dollar lies we all are forced to listen to ad naseam, do you really think her little white lies matter? Is being a liar any cause for being discredited? Not anymore! We have an entire White House Administration that lies, for the sake of lies — and so lying is the new normal. As it works so well for Trump and Co., everyone will start doing it, with the same expectations of impunity- and it is happening. So yeah, she’s a liar…and? So is the president of the United States.

And you’re right, there’s no telling what else she might be lying about, but given the unpopularity of her position, I’m willing to bet it’s not that. What is to be gained by telling lies that would cause a very powerful lobby to attack you? So that’s how I judge a liar, I examine what is to be gained by the lie. Yeah, she lied about working for Monsanto, it is problematic- but it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s lying about her experiences with the gun nuts and the NRA. Doesn’t seem likely, as there’s nothing for her to gain from this. It’s not like her lies allow her to make billion dollar deals with Russia- now that is one hell of an incentive to lie.

Working with the Light!

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