If I would presume to provide any commentary regarding Eastern European (or really any European) civil or human rights, I would have to realize that I was doing so from a very limited knowledge base- the homophobia, as well as the sexism in Eastern Europe for example, appears to me to be barbaric and insane. But I also understand that this is occurring within a set of cultures I know very little about, so generally I don’t speak out about it. If I did, and I was attacked from someone from that country and culture, far more knowledgeable than me, I would have to take those lumps. Svetlana has no business, zero business weighing in on Black Lives Matters issues, because all she can offer is ignorance and/or hate. We don’t need anymore of that, over here. We, in America, are replete with homegrown racists. We don’t need any input from overseas racists.

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