If it does, it shouldn’t. Whether the fetus is alive or a person is beside the point, because we live in a world where millions of living children are murdered daily and nothing is done to stop it. Mutha-fucking Syria. So the entire premise of the prolife argument is bullshit. The premise is that human life is sacred and valuable, not to be taken on a whim — that is some bullshit. No one who lives in this world can or should be able to come up out of their mouth acting like they believe that bullshit. Human life of all ages is sacrificed constantly. This is the reality — and there is no “prolife” constituency in this world. It’s a fucking lie. No one is prolife. Everyone is pro my life…our my brothers or my friends. But no one — NO ONE-is pro all life. That’s such bullshit.

So what’s the deal with abortion? Why do hypocrites want to front like they give a damn about human life, and a child’s human life?

It’s about control. That is all any of it is about. Who controls what life gets into the world and on what terms! Who gets to be royalty? Who is destined to be a slave? How to ensure an endless supply of slaves or easily exploited humans? Don’t let women have control over these decisions, because women will seek to value life — and controlling assholes can’t have that. Naw. They gotta have their slaves and soldiers, fodder for the wars, so women must never have any control over the output of human lives — cause generally women protest all this bullshit, especially when it is their child, you are trying to kill our enslave.

So for me, it doesn’t matter what rhetorical or philosophical games you play with this — the entire argument is bullshit. If you’re prolife, you’re position is rife with hypocrisy and/or self delusion.

People shouldn’t waste time or energy arguing with hypocrisy and delusion. You can never win such an argument. The other side refuses rationality.

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