If the world building isn’t seamless, the books are incredibly time-consuming to read, but they make extraordinarily good films!

Some writers build worlds easily, and make learning the new world a pretty straight forward endeavor. A really clever way that Octavia Butler did this in a series she wrote, was to have a 21st century human captured by aliens, so everything being explained about the new world was being done by someone by your world, as the captured human was narrating the first book, explaining an alien world to the reader, and the other humans she was forced to train to the alien’s ways.

By the time you got to the second book, you’d be a little lost if you hadn’t read the first book. But the aliens, who were breeding the humans, kept saying the same things over and over to the humans, primarily: “your species will never survive because it is hierarchical and intelligent.” Initially, I found this annoying, but overtime, I came to understand not only how these aliens viewed humans, and how their world was so very different from humanity’s because it was a cooperative one and not a competitive one.

Working with the Light!

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