If you have ever tried to pierce an information bubble, then you’d realize how iron-clad it is. Trying to pierce it is extraordinarily difficult because it requires that people think — not as easy as it may sound.

People who reside in these bubbles don’t critically think about the information being provided to them, and often times don’t even know how to critically think. The last ten years there has been an attack on teaching critical thinking in our education systems. Powers that be — and Devos is a perfect example of this- don’t want thinkers. They want mindless idiots who accept whatever information that is fed to them, will do what they are told and will consume whatever expensive garbage is pushed in front of them, regardless of consequences, (ahem Trump.)

The catch 22, is when you point this out to them, they get resentful. People don’t want to realize that they have been punked and conned — and the powers that be don’t want this realized, ever. They have plans for these people — and it’s nothing nice or even remotely helpful. But it does entail them get infinitely more wealthy at the expense of these people, whom the powers that be consider easily disposible.

If you look at it from their perspective, the American masses can be divided into at least two groups, the easily manipulated pubs, who can be led away from their own self-interests and survival, as long as you put enough fear of other into them, and the smarter savvier Dems who, don’t fall for the initial con, but get really caught up in the whole good cop, bad cop distraction — which is all our political system is doing these days…distracting us. Like Bernie ever had a chance? Nah. That’s a distraction.

It’s all a distraction- Trump, Clinton, Bernie- they are fracking with us. The end goal? To be rid of us entirely. Let’s face facts. There are 7 billion people on the globe. Maybe a million of them have all the wealth. It’s getting hotter. Resources are getting really scarce. Everyone can’t survive. They want to be rid of billions of us, probably over the next ten to fifty years. The means and ways? Globally? Wars. Plagues. Lack of food and water.

What’s the plan in America specifically? (Cause America is a special case.) Divide and conquer strategy. So they got the pubs on lock, they are whipping them up into a hate-filled angry rage at all the Dems. They are banking on this group not only self-destructing but taking a few Dems down as well.

As for the Dems, they know that group is trickier. They are not as inclined to fall for the divide and conquer con, but they are pushing back against those who do. In the long run, this is a strategy meant to exhaust. A strategy of extreme resistance is going to be exhausting. But basically the plan here is a civil war. Get us to destroy each other — easy right?

I think the best thing that all of us can do is not fall for the cons and don’t play the game of partisan politics. Look at both Dems and Pubs as being awfully suspect. Listen to nothing they SAY, but watch very carefully what they do. Trump’s cabinet picks alone — should make every human beings hair on the back of their neck stand up, and if it doesn’t — you have been punked, you have been conned — and you’re just being stubborn, if you can’t admit that his cabinet picks are deplorable for the American people.

Already the USDA allows a fair amount of rotten meat into our food systems, to appease the corrup agricultural industry. How much lower do you think these standards will drop now that Sonny Purdue is heading things up? Two birds one stone, Sonny gets richer selling rotten meat and more Americans die off as a result. It’s brilliant, if you are in the Trump billionaire crew. It sucks if you have no health insurance and die from consuming rotten meat.

Now I’m seriously going to have to become a vegetarian.

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