I’ll be the first to say, I don’t have first hand knowledge of war (other than the Crack wars of the 1980s which were pretty vicious, and destabilized African-American communities nation wide.)

But anyone who reads, knows of what you speak. Anyone who is even slightly aware of the state of the world understands what you are referencing.

I’m not sure it can be stopped here. This country has become pretty unstable. There are so many factors that have caused this. It’s not just the Dems or the Pubs, and they largely do the same sorts of things anyway. There are just so many factors that have us at this unstable point and time.

I don’t think that anyone wants a violent revolution, but millenials want change, understandably…when people have nothing to lose, (and that’s where a lot of the Millenials are at) they just stop caring. And a lot of Americans are at the burn it all down faze on both sides of the political spectrum. Burn it down is why Trump is the president.

Look how that burn it down is going. I agree that’s never a good solution.

For the first 3o years of my life I never imagined something like this would happen in America. Then 2008 happened. Then 2016 elections. There has been so much breaking down of institutions that provide stability since 2017. Now 2020 and this epidemic, like it or not we are already in the midst of huge upheavals. It is what it is. Attacking Millennials who are already deeply resentful for being handed a pretty lousy hand, doesn’t change any of these facts.

Clearly you’re frustrated. So is she. I just don’t see the point in your attack. She can’t change the current situation (a revolution isn’t going to happen because she says so) and neither can you.

It looks like the revolution you are warning against though, is already under way. I think that train has left the station, and telling us how horrible it’s all going to be? Well, that’s not particularly helpful. You want to be helpful? Tell us what we should do to survive.

Working with the Light!

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