I’ll hand it to you, your chicken lil rant does seem apropos this time. Things are looking and seeming quite dire over here, very Nazi Germany; and while we were on that road as soon as Trump took office, (and maybe even before if you check out The Patriot Act circa 2001 or the reauthorization of the National Defense Act circa 2012.)

Those laws make a Homeland Gestapo perfectly legal here in America; and those of us who read and understand the importance of the US Constitution and the rule of law, were freaked out when those laws passed. But until now, we’ve never actually seen a Gestapo take to the streets.

And now we have. And you describe their motivations perfectly. It is indeed a very dark, very frightening time in America. Judges are being attacked, journalists too, and lawyers. Everyone who is involved in ensuring that the rule of law means anything is under attack, while those who would discard it it to do whatever they please are illegally snatching power for themselves day by day.

Kanye West held a “campaign rally” where he said, the laws are meaningless (because God didn’t make them.) We all would like to chalk this up to the rant of a madman, but what if it was truth in plain sight, a warning?

I am a civil rights attorney. I am slowly seeing this nations laws (at least the civil rights ones) become meaningless. It has been happening for a while, but the acceleration under Trump is mind-numbing.

You say we are in denial. But we Americans are doing everything we can possibly do to stop this. (Some of us are anyway.)

We have surburban mom’s marching in the streets. We have protests occurring all over the country. We have lost so much in such a little bit of time, we are all trying to process this and grieve. This is the opposite of denial…this is coping with the dismantling of our way of life as best we can, under enormous pressure. We are currently living under full blown tyranny, which if goes unchecked in the next few months, becomes permanent.

You have to understand to, that a lot of Americans actually WANT full-blown tyranny. They feel safer with a tyrant in charge. I suppose that’s always been the case with tyrants and the people who idealize them.

For once, the alarms you are sounding are very appropriate. Our house is on fire…and the water in the well is low.

We are in trouble. God help us all.

Working with the Light!

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