I’m going to keep pointing out that 60 million people voted for Trump…there are 330 million people in this country. At least 100 million of those are too disenfranchised to even be able TO VOTE and/or actively have their votes suppressed. I understand your frustration with AMERICAN politics, but consider how frustrated WE ARE (the American people who keep voting for change we cannot get.) We are very frustrated…and your long diatribes labeling us all idiot psychopaths are not helpful. It’s just super depressing. With everything that’s going down, we’re already super down and you are kicking the fuck out of us.

How about you talk to some real Americans, for once? Cover things from our perspective? See what we actually think of America? Or is it your view that it’s only the Harvard frat boy, whose perspective matters?

Though you claim to be so opposed to the ways of the 1%, you also seem to be pretty cozy with them. And much like them, you have written off entire populations as being beneath the slightest consideration.

See my full response to Umair here!


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