I’m just not sure what your point is here. It just sounds to me like, you don’t like science, or feel that it has no place in spiritual matters. I like Einstein and Tesla because they had amazing ideas, about energy, God and reality. Whether you label those ideas as “science” or something entirely different matters little to me. I’m not trying to endorse science, other than to say there is a method, a formula by which we create and experience our personal realities — as a matter of fact there are several (methods and formulae) Im just focusing on one: LoA. At least in this article. In my next related article I will be exploring programming.

There are so many levels of basic junk programming one must eliminate if one expects to be in the business of successful reality creation. So, thanks so much the feedback! When I discuss this with others, it clarifies these concepts within myself.

I am finding that while others aren’t quite disagreeing with me, they are interfacing with me at different points of understanding, based on their personal reality. So it seems you’re a man of action. But you have to admit, behind all your action, whatever form it ultimately takes, are thoughts and feelings. You seem to not believe that there is any energy or vibration associated with these thoughts and feelings, which is fine. I imagine that’s not an easy thing to scientifically prove, but I bet with the right equipment it can be. We do emit a certain amount of energy that can be measured. Our brains certainly emit certain kinds of waves and light up in certain areas with regard to certain thoughts and experiences brain scans show. What do you think is up with all of that? How do you qualify or quantify a thought or a feeling? Just because we’ve not done it effectively, certainly doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I posit, the measurement of thoughts and feelings, the substance of them, isn’t useless information. It may be unknown information or misunderstood information. But it’s not useless. To me, thoughts and feelings are the real material of reality creation, while action is largely a byproduct. Oh I like that! Using it in my next article! Thanks Johnny!

Working with the Light!

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