I’m not talking about race, or gender. I’m talking about a soul, (which has no race or gender) and the choices it makes when it arrives on the earth plane.

We all have to assume responsibility for the choices we make. A soul is not a race, or a sex, it just is.

If your consciousness is very limited you can’t understand this. What I’m saying sounds like gibberish to you. But if your consciousness has expanded to the point where you understand that you have a soul, you think about things very differently.

There are millions of Americans engaged in exploitative paradigms, all races, all genders…to add race/gender this into this conversation is a red herring. And an odd one at that. Im talking about souls, you’re talking about Kaepernick.

I’m guessing you just wanted to attack him (random!) and used my comment to do so. There are easier way to attack Kaepernick, if that’s what you want to do.

I already said, trying to sell your soul for billions of dollars is a trap almost anyone could fall into, yes Kaepernick and yes you.

Be careful. Looks like you’re easy prey. If you’re interested in those who have tried to sell their soul, then you most likely think they’ve got something you want.

They don’t. It’s a trap. Don’t fall for it.

But first you have to recognize you have a soul, more precious than any money anyone or anything could throw at you.

Working with the Light!

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