I’m trying to imagine if I was white, would I find a film entitled “Dear White People” offensive in anyway. Maybe patronizing, if I was a particularly woke white person, but that’s about it.

“Dear” after all is a term of endearment, so what the hell? The worst anyone can say is patronizing. Patronizing does not merit a troll war waged.

Anyway the trolls did you a favor. No publicity like this kind of controversy! Initially, I thought I might check this out on Netflix even though I feel like I’m a little old for this sort of film. But now I’m DEFINITELY going to check it out. Tell everyone I know to check it out too. Tell them the story — he was attacked by all these internet trolls, and isn’t that just nuts? And we’ve got to see what this film is all about now — not because I’m particularly interested in anything that white people would need to know about black people — boring (at least to me). I know all this stuff already. I know it so well, that even seeing a witty, clever Jhango Unchained version of it (as that’s what I imagine your film to be) doesn’t really do it for me.

BUT, the fact that so many people are having such an extreme response to the show? Man, for you? That’s money in the bank! Now, I gotta see it! I gotta know why people are losing their everloving minds about the series. I’m wondering now, is he doing something really ingenious or extraordinarily offensive, or both? Or is it not that at all…is it that in a post Trump racialized America a black man, much less a gay black man, dare not produce a film making any sort of commentary about white people, lest the neo Klan come swarming via the internet?

How pervasive is the new neo net Klan? What kind of impact do they have on a black artist’s work? Just how viciously do they attack whites who also enjoy or participate in the work? (This is very Klannish.)

Either way, the racist trolls have added a whole new layer to the experience of watching your series. Now I feel as if it is something I must do on principal. The net Klan wanted to shut it down, so now I’m going to spite watch it. And I’m going to feel good about spite watching it, even though I don’t particularly enjoy this sort of satire. (I saw the trailer, not really amused — and that’s not a criticism. It’s just knowing that this sort of Adult Swim/Family Guy satire disgusts, rather than amuses me.) But that’s just me, the millenials seem to love this particular type of satire. It’s so “Tyler the Creator.” To which my response is “ugh!”

But everything ain’t for everybody…and despite that fact you should have your forum for your art in peace. White people should not feel attacked because there is a film that explores such concepts as black face being inappropriate.

It makes me wonder what in the world is going on with the people attacking your film? Do they want to wear black face? Do they want to do things that are hateful and harmful to black people? What exactly is it about your film or film title that makes them so angry?

I am curious as to what sort of madness has taken hold inside of such minds, and how exactly does such a mind work? If only we could get a hold of these trolls! Show them the film, and then survey them after. Now that would be fascinating. A follow-up project maybe? I’d love to be involved, should you pursue it. Anyway, all I am saying is that, you got a whole lot of lemons, but you could make some awesome lemonade with them! And drink it!

Working with the Light!