Im watching you Svetlana. You post a lot of divisive content. It’s pretty much all you post. And it’s interesting what our Senate investigation into the Russian tampering into the US election is revealing. A lot of fake divisive news being spread via Russian operatives, is that what you’re up to?

Blocking me, I’m sure that would suit your purposes. Can’t have your agenda threatened, now can you? Can’t risk exposure either. But this is interesting. Whenever I mention these espionage tactics to divisive posters, some people block me immediately and get as far away from me as they can, while others just dismiss it and go on being as ignorant and divisive as they please. The latter are Americans for sure!

Of course the ones seeking that distance are probably paid hacker spies. I have always suspected that you are not who you claim to be. Your blocking me would only confirm my suspicions.

People who block only want to say whatever crazy things they want to say without being challenged. It’s clear that’s what you want and maybe even need to have happen. By all means block me, but I will still watch everything you post, and if need be, I will write my Senator about it. His name is Mark Warner. He’s on the intelligence committee investigating Russian interference in our election.

I don’t expect you’ll ever get caught. That’s what makes what you do so easy. But I will study what you do and how you do it. I will also study the American idiots who respond to you — now they might really get caught…and get swept up into who knows what kind of craziness. Just look at Mike Flynn, seeking immunity, for what? What crazy kind of treason has he gotten himself into? Do you think he will get a deal? Or is he facing some time? Not to worry, the federal prisons are pretty cushy for the likes of him.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!