I’m well aware. However I think we are entering into a time period where, for better or worse, we are shifting away from heirarchal structures into more cooperative ones. There’s a tremendous amount of resistance and that is what we’re seeing now.

I did enjoy Lee’s talk. Full on diversity! People don’t like diversity and multiculturalism because it is, as Lee illustrated, very complex and requires basically a whole lot of line-crossing! It’s a whole lot of moving into discomfort zones, around race, gender, sex, ethnicity, national origin, but as the globe starts to shrink, largely because of technology, I wonder what choice do people really think they have?

In this D.C. Metro area, I have interacted with people from all over the globe. Some of them were citizens of the world, which is to say, they speak many different languages, they’ve lived and worked in many different countries, and they exude a level of sophistication that is impressive. These people have a confidence, bordering on arrogance, that the world belongs to them.

What I took from that, is that multiculturalism is the future.

Working with the Light!

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