In short…you show everyone in the world how idiotic certain parts of your culture is and prove many white supremacist that they are absolutely right…when they claim you are inferior…people who think like this ARE inferior…at least in their ability to reason regarding what is in their own best interest…because co-signing rampant pedaphilia, is like shitting where one eats…and then eating the shit…but apparently you find piss appetizing…as does R. Kelly, and yeah his fans are largely okay with shit eaters, piss drinkers…ass long as they can jig to a dope ass beat and be entertained by a modern day minstrel shoe.

R. Kelly has always made me want to say: (so I’m gonna say it) “for the love of GOD, Black people!!!! Have a modicum of self respect! Respect YOURSELF enough not to endlessly pander to a shucking and jiving pedaphile!”

I do not listen to R. Kelly. If you do and you are black, I think you’re a self-hating idiot. If you’re white…you’re probably a Republican, gleeful about this ugly, mishapen, singing and dancing, shucking and jiving pedaphile teaching black people -en masse- how to destroy their future. How to keep themselves ignorant and oppressed, long after the actual oppressors have left the plantation. R. Kelly has Willie lynched an entire generation..and yeah the willie lynched are still dancing and shucking and jiving…to the tune of rape and pedaphilia.

Working with the Light!

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