In the Game of Thrones, Jon Snow is a character who wants nothing more than to warn everyone “in the realm” (which is the fantastical world created by George R.R. Martin) of the pending instinction and destruction threatened by the “White Walkers” (winterized zombies who come with very cold weather and threaten everything in their path- yeah I know it sounds weird, just go with it.)

They are a huge threat, but no one believes Jon when he speaks of it, because it has to be very, very cold for the walkers to appear, and they haven’t been seen for about 1000 years by most people in the realm, so they’re more like a myth. But “winter is coming.” (Very ominous words for Thrones fans.)

So, when Jon is talking to one of the most clever people in the realm, Tyrion Lannister, about how he can’t get people to understand the threat, Tyrion responds that the threat involving the entirety of the realm from an unknown unseen enemy is far too big an idea, for most minds to grasp; and so, because their minds can’t grasp it, they will just ignore it, and claim it’s not true.

There have always been rumors that the white walkers were a metaphor for climate change, but I didn’t get it until Tyrion spoke about it.

America and the world, is currently facing MANY, huge threats to the current paradigm, climate change is just one of them. But the ideas, and even the changes themselves are too big for most minds to grasp.

But people can grasp the small every day changes, and scapegoat the hell out of those. A lot of white people in America and also I guess Europe, have picked up on the fact that being white simply doesn’t have the same privileges and currency that it used to. (In all actuality, no where except America did “white” ever mean all that much.) But for those of us who do look at the global picture, being “human” never had all that much currency, and most people, yes even white people have been used as fodder in powerful man made systems and machines for a good 2000 years at least. Now that is worsening, to the point that white people in America who have been, over the past 50 or 60 years lulled into a false sense of economic security, that centered on their whiteness, are feeling very threatened. The economic reality that gave them temporary prosperity is gone. And the reasons for that are very complex, but it is not “a caravan of migrants” who are causing this. I feel like even the most degraded of village idiots should be able to figure that out, but sadly no. Millions cling to that sort of scapegoating.

So my question is, how do you begin to confront a problem that is larger than most minds can grasp? Tyrion said, you have to make the problem real for people. They have to be able to see it and touch it. With all the hurricanes and wildfires in the Southern part of America, people are seeing and being touched by the problem. Furthermore, the problem might be a threat we don’t know or understand. The wreckage in Paradise doesn’t look like any “fire” wreckage I’ve ever seen. No, if you look closely it looks like something far more deadlier, even nuclear caused that destruction.

But our media machines (part of the problem clearly do so much dissuading (from engagement in real thought) and distracting (to idiotic things, like cats flushing toilets), that it is difficult to even get a grip on what the real problems are…nevermind solving them…sigh.

We need a miracle…a few billion of them actually.

Working with the Light!