Indeed it is and I am thankful. Humility? I need some humility? Really? Why? The least humble, blatantly offensive, racist, sexist, outrageous conartist in the nation, became president precisely due to a lack of humility. Clearly humility is not an asset worthy of cultivation in this particular time in America history. (Not that it was at any time ever.) and no one is going to fall for the con that there is any value in humility, anymore.


People who scream “Mine! Mine! mine!” And steal it or take it by any means necessary are deeply rewarded. Are they not? And yet, descendants of slaves should be humble and deeply grateful and scrape and bow for any blessings that befall them, right?

Nah. Not going for that con, sorry. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Working with the Light!

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