Insufficient submission to a Capitalist God…yes! So this! I don’t know why Americans are suppose to worship at the alter of capitalism, when the philosophy clearly states the goal, is to have 5 wealthy people crushing millions upon billions into servitude and slavery.

That was always the goal of capitalism! Always! There is absolutely nothing divine about it. And if we’re honest, none of the economic systems that we have utilized over the past 100 years work all that well…we clearly need something else…but this line of discourse is absolutely terrifying to billionaires for all of the reasons you articulate here.

The line about Musk going out and personally yelling at unwashed masses is hysterical though! I can picture him doing thus nervously. Did you here about the billionaires who snapped up some predictive economist asking him “how long until they attack us?” He wrote about it here on a Medium…an interesting article, showing just how little the billionaire class cares about the people on this planet they presume to own. It is clear that they want the planet…but the people on it? Who want to live? Well…apparently we are a bit problematic. Too many of us. A lot of us need to die, in order for them to be comfortable. COVID -19 is just what the billionaire class has ordered…. literally.

Apparently they are a bit nervous.

Working with the Light!

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