Insult 4 and also untrue. I back up plenty that I say. I present ideas that cannot be classified in any format, but you insist upon labeling them as “progressivist” (whatever that is) and “neo-Marxist” which I clearly have no idea what that is. Most Americans have no idea who Karl Marx was, because get this — we don’t study him. He is not considered important to our history in any way, why would we? Furthermore, he is associated with communism, which every American in my generation was indoctrinated to believe is bad, bad and very bad. But, get this, because I am a free thinker I never believed that. What I did believe was that it was impractical, would never work in real life, and apparently did not work in Russia. (I read Darkness at Noon. Who would want that?)

Marx literature reads like it was written by someone high on LSD. I say all of that to say this, no I could not possibly be a “neo Marxist” given my utter disregard for all that Karl Marx had to say. But you will, as you have done repeatedly, ignore all the points I have made about your propaganda, and attack me for pointing out all the valid points I have made about your propaganda — which is this: you soft-pedal racism and sexism in most of your posts.

You also subtly twists words, facts and perspectives to make points. I will provide examples.

Working with the Light!