Insult 6….and whatever. I cant really respond because it is more illogical ranting about an ideology that I don’t have. What is my ideology exactly? I have never claimed to be influenced by any particular ideology, and yet you repeatedly insist that I do have one (progressivism whatever that is and neo-Marxism whatever that is). When people do this sort of thing, well we call it McCarthyism. McCarthy was a US Senator who accused everyone who didn’t say or do exactly what he wanted of being a communist, and then began to destroy their lives. He got away with it at first. But then, he ended up accusing the US military. What an idiot!

He took it too far. This game you are playing is an old one and a crazy one. And these are the kinds of mind games played by Nazis…and people of that mindset, which is to say people who cannot tolerate free and divergent thought. They put a label on the person and attack and demonize the person. Nazi…if the shoe fits…For you it does and you are running in it.

Working with the Light!

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