Is it now? The vision of a cabinet of billionaires, pimping America out for their own oligarchal self-Interests? The drainage of the swamp no longer being a relevant cliche cause Trump won, and he is currently handing that American booty over to Goldman Sachs in more ways than one. There are so many ordinary, average American people who are influencing the Trump administration! So many of those concerns being taken so seriously! Construction of that wall is underway…or not…Crooked Hillary is under investigation, though right? Because he so promised! Ha, ha, ha, ha…the joke…right now is clearly on all those chanting…lock her up, lock her up…as they get quietly escorted into prisons of their own making. I mean someone certainly shut them up. They have nothing to say…as everything gets ever more f@cked up for all of us. If I had voted for Trump I would feel violated. He lied to everyone who supported him blatantly, and unapologetically has backed away from everything he ever promised! If you supported him, how do you not feel like a complete and total idiot, a little less than a month after the election?

This man promised lots of things…stupid, unrealistic, impossible things that he knew he couldn’t deliver…and so already he is backing away from all of it, and you don’t call him on it? You just sit around silently, idiotically digging in your heels and acting as if something other than the destruction of a democracy was accomplished? Despite how anyone feels about all the identity stuff, race, gender, class, blah, blah, blah…the man is a conartist! If you believed anything he promised, you were conned. The only “vision” that is unfolding is Trump making himself incredibly wealthy at the expense of just about ever American citizen. And…he never really hid this agenda. Never.


Working with the Light!

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