Is our species evolved enough to prevent WWIII? No. So why hasn’t it happened, yet? I’m going to say something truly whacky, maybe it’s aliens.

UFO enthusiasts claim the UFOS are in the water and close to the nuclear weapons on this planet. Some say the aliens whole reason for being here is to prevent the destruction of earth, because that destruction impacts them. Earth is a reservoir of all different kinds of life…an organic bank, a very valuable planet not because of, but inspite of humans. And as such humans will not be permitted to completely destroy it.

If that’s true though, why have the aliens allowed all the destruction on the planet that has already occurred? (Hiroshima, The attack on the Amazon Forrest, all these toxic oil spills, California and Australia wild fires? All the drones and bombs you mention in nearly every article you write.)

Does the destruction have to reach certain apocalyptic levels before it is ceased? I’m just throwing ideas out there.

I have no idea if any of these ideas about the aliens could be remotely true or are pure fantasy. I just like to entertain the idea that some higher evolved species has the ability to stop WWIII, because without galactic intervention its looking like we’re doomed.

Working with the Light!

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