Is this disillusionment about me? Or the current state of the world (which seems to get only worse, with each passing day, and by A LOT.)

We used to be able to say, “Well see there’s hope because…” Can anyone say that anymore about anything? So many illusions have shattered seemingly all at once, so of course people are confused, anxious and angry.

I’m sure on that there are millions if not billions, still hopeful about so much in this world. I wonder though, should they be? A lot of people put faith and hope in these illusions, which are all crashing down.

And the suicides, (at least here in America) are at staggeringly high numbers…and I wonder should they be? And by that I mean is there really so little to live for?

Honestly if you examine the lives taken, the answer is probably yes. These people were stuck in lives filled with trauma, despair, and poverty largely because of the way American programming is run.

And…with an exceptionally strong mind you can override such programming (I know I have), but if you’re stuck in a world where such programming is the norm the world begins to look like an inescapable dystopia -especially when you are suddenly aware of the massively dysfunctional programming running everywhere and unapologetically so.

And I understand there has always been horror in the world and yes these destructive programs have been running in different countries all over the world for several millennia.

But the world is TIRED of them. People are TIRED of them.

Yet, what I’m just beginning to understand though, is that they grow ever more persistent and pervasive, with each “improving” algorithm.

This makes me feel like ordinary humans who want to see the world work better are so outnumbered, and so under-resourced, hopelessness is just good common sense.

And I often feel like there’s no way to fight against what’s coming…unless…unless (and this seems highly unlikely but we shall see) billions or maybe even just millions reject the destructive programming.

And maybe (in an extreme form) that’s what suicide is about — a rejection of the destructive programming.

If Instagram causes young girls to commit suicide, then clearly there’s something contained in those algorithms that they are rejecting ferociously and permanently.

I’m not advising that suicide is an answer to our present day ills, I believe a change in consciousness is truly the answer. If Instagram makes you feel suicidal, then just get off of it! But that’s going to require a massive change in consciousness.

That is what our current world war, that is worldwide, is all about-consciousness. Who gets to control human consciousness, and on what terms?

If everyone just hands over their consciousness to all of this destructive programming, then that 90s philosophical film the Matrix becomes our reality.

We’re all just fodder for the AI machines, which don’t even bother to provide us with the illusion of safety or comfort, with all this suicide and grief.

Canaries…these young women are canaries, sending out warnings to a society getting increasingly sicker.

And sure, we can glass half full this…until there’s nothing left in the fucking glass.

We’re getting there.

I once read this book, “The Time Falling Bodies Take To Light.” It took a very long 10,000 year view of human history, suggesting (mainly because of sex) that humans had evolved themselves in such a way as to be self-destructive. Humans are designed to pleasure themselves into extinction.

I was alarmed upon reading this and thought: what a pessimistic view of human nature.

Now…I think there’s something to it.

Anyway, thanks for reading my depressing posts, and offering your insights.

I’ll give you this: the glass is still a quarter full…we can turn this all around still, if we really want to. I hope we do.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!