It absolutely is completely illogical, but makes sense when you look at it from the perspective of violence.

Violence isn’t logical, but most humans, (especially male humans) have inherently violent tendencies that only get checked by society. When you give men a system (slavery) where you allow them to be as violent as they want? It is sick, it is horrendous, it is absolutely hell or earth…but people don’t won’t to admit to themselves that they are in fact behaving as soulless monsters…and so spin…white supremacy. I can do these godless, soulless, inhumane things to you because…I’m better than you.

And yes…a lot of white people enjoy that lie, if not that lie directly, then the benefits of it. But it’s not just white people…a lot of humans are engaged in the dynamics of violence in this way, at its core the need to feel as if you are better than someone, and to take from them violently is a deeply spiritual problem.

It is a deal with the devil. I live in Richmond, Virginia. It is one of the oldest cities in America and it has one of the largest slave ports in America. They shipped slaves in and brought them into a warehouse that they called:

Hell’s Half Acre.

Just think of it. It’s a colonial town, not that big…maybe everyone in a three mile radius of this…and they create a place, that they called HELL in the center of it? (And clearly it WAS HELL) who builds HELL in the center of town and thinks that is okay?

Slavery was an attempt to deny of the existence of God. It was a refusal by many people to recognize the existence of God…within themselves.

I think it’s important to point out that these problems were spiritually based because the solutions have to be spiritually based.

In fact it was spiritually in tact white Americans (many of them women) who fought against slavery via the abolitionist movement. They did it, largely by shining a light on what a deeply Inhumane, godless, soulless institution it was.

You have to love yourself enough to recognize that you are a part of God. Once you recognize that about yourself, you can’t ever justify inhumane treatment of anyone…because that simply is not of God.

Working with the Light!

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