It appears that way to me too. I came across a clip of this individual via a YouTube site that is generally not political, but the owner of the site was impressed with her speech before Congress and posted it. To me, Candace Owens just seemed really angry and confused. I was not impressed with her message to Congress. But a lot of subscribers to this particular channel were. I just don’t get it. To me most of her ideas just sound like gibberish, a lot of anger, a lot of emotion, but very little content or substance. For you to even try to work with her ideas and throw them into a logical framework, well that too is lost on me. She likes Hitler? She doesn’t like Hitler? I’m not sure. When your message is that muddled, what is it that you stand for? I don’t think Candace Owens knows. Sadly, I don’t think it even matters. She had the floor in Congress. That’s all that matters to her. Sadly, what this says about Congress is what is most disturbing. Congress is now entertaining nonsensical gibberish, to fuel its partisan war. This has gone beyond the absurd…how weird is all this propaganda and narrative wrestling going to get? So Republicans like Candace Owens because she blames Democrats for racism? Or something like that? And yet…she claims she’s a democrat, right? It’s all so confusing. I think her purpose is to confuse people.

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