It is a damn good argument! You should have been a lawyer…for Donald Trump Jr.

There are some holes however…gotta point them out, sorry. If someone sends you an email saying, “Hey! I wanna talk to ya about this shady thing!” You should always, always, always go with option A. Why? Cause if you don’t you usually end up with a whole lot of people wondering why didn’t you go with A or B — and why exactly were you pursuing option C?

The absolute best answer one can give to option C is the one you have given. I wanted to get more information, before taking action.

And if, after getting that information, he went back to option B, or did anything to CYA, which is a big thing down these parts, it would be a decent argument.

But in the absence of any of that, he just looks shady as all hell. And, that’s the bigger problem. The Trump Administration has endless amounts of shade being thrown at it, but also tremendous amounts of self created shade.

They don’t know how to effectively plead the fifth! Like Kushner, look at how much crap he’s caught up in. But he says nothing. And none of it sticks. That’s smart. That’s absolutely the smartest thing that anyone in the Trump administration could do right now. Just shhh, shhh, shhh! And…for the love of God, stay off of Twitter! Posting emails?!?!?! Like really???

Everyone inside the beltway is cringing. Cause this screams, not only amateur hour, but really dangerous amateur hour. The D.C. Establishment is freaking the f@ck out, I am sure. Who knows what else the guy might have, and who knows what else he might post? In these kinds of situations, the more you talk off the cuff, without a lawyer, the more problems you create.

Like…do you remember Bill Clinton screaming indignantly, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”

And, who didn’t know he was lying? As soon as he said it, I was like, big mistake Billy Boy…this is gonna come out. And all he had to do was keep his f@cking mouth shut!!!

But no…and then we got dresses and semen stains and all kinds of nastiness, like Bill Clinton boldly lying to everyone’s face.

And the Pubs tried to impeach him for it, or actually they did. He just refused to leave. But the problem with Bill was not that he got a blowie, cause really no one cared. But that he lied, BOLDLY, to all of our faces. It’s a problem.

Same thing with Trump Administration, except it is multiplied times ten. They keep lying to our faces, about EVERYTHING. Intel, FBI terminations, Russian contact…and yeah it all very well could be and probably is nothing accept a lot of shady behavior. But that’s still a problem!!!!

Russians chasing after Trump kids, “hey little boy, want some candy?” And he’s all like, “Yeah!” He should know better.

Naw…clearly the Trumps did not collude with the Russians. Cause the Russians are too smart to get caught up in this sort of bull shit.

But, the Trumps…they tell too many lies to keep straight; and as someone playing the role of Trump lawyer…man! I don’t know if you can consistently finagle and massage those facts into a decent defense. But A plus for effort this go round Steve McGrath, they should hire you. Plenty of vacancies, I hear. They’d be lucky to have you.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!