It is a list of a lot of blatantly corrupt actions, which is not particularly partisan. Every time someone criticizes something Trump does, you can’t cry about partisan politics, because Trump is hardly a Republican. Lot’s of Republicans admit to that. But he is hell of corrupt and hell of destructive and what does that say about Republicans that they are so ridiculously eager to embrace that — over any democrat? I don’t know. The logic is truly bizarre, if you really examine it closely.

The entire system is extremely broken, but breaking it down into a state of total chaos and disrepair and vulnerability to greedy corporate interests hardly seems like a better option. People should take note of what is going down, not because it is particularly liberal or conservative, but because it is corrupt and destructive. People need to work harder to shield their own local communities and politics from this sort of blatant corruption. And not make “Republican” synonymous with corruption.

Working with the Light!

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