It is a lot of separate (albeit related) concepts forced into a larger theme, which is why people have trouble grasping exactly what it is, and why others can so vehemently deny it’s existence, even when it is very clear that certain symptoms are present.

Dictorial leader in Trump? Check, check, check to the tenth power who doesn’t see that?

Political philosophy, movement that exalts nation and race over individual? Maybe…that one is a little trickier, when it comes to Trump. Is he doing that really? I don’t think so. I think he is placing his own self-interest above all, while pretending to be about this.

Severe economic and social regimentation- he is definitely trying to kick start this right now, even among tons of resistance.

Forcible suppression of opposition, check, check, check again to the 10th power. Anyone who is critical of Trump is harassed by legions of mindless supporters swept up in some bizarre fantasy around some personal connection, they believe that they have to Trump.

Definitely seems like we are on the road to racism, while not quite there. But fascist concepts are being mainstreamed daily, due to Trump, who he is, how he likes to rule, which is basically tribal. It is the most basic type of human organization, and not necessarily bad. It can work for a company and a brand, quite well.

But when you extend these tribal tendencies outward to something as complex as a nation, you’re definitely on the road to fascism. Nations require more complex leadership, and nations that cannot manage this more complex leadership are fraught with internal division, and all the accompanying misery.

Tribe gets pitted against tribe, outside factions take advantage of the divisions — and ultimately you end up with an Aleppo situation or a Gaza Strip situation. Which is to say a lot of relentless and unnecessary suffering, due to tribalism.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!