It is actually a vehicle to provide massive tax cuts to the wealthy. In other words it’s a trick, a Trojan horse, if you will.

Read about it here:

(P.S. Spread the word about the Trojan Horse thing to anyone who will listen- forget Dems, forget Pubs, just seriously, understand that if you earn under 250K a year, you will pay higher taxes, those in the 250 K and up will pay less- AND you will have far worse health insurance under Trumpcare than Obamacare.)

So Obamacare is not great…it really isn’t. It’s a pretty crazy and complex piece of legislation. 10,000 pages long. It has Cadillac taxes in it. It has penalties for those too poor to afford healthcare. It has ridiculously high premiums and bogus plans that don’t offer a damn thing.

But…along comes AHA — not only does it NOT fix the Obamacare problems, it guts everything good about it (cause it was a mixed bag, there was some good with it — forcing insurance companies to cover people on parent’s plan until age 26, covering pre-existing conditions, covering mental health issues, and covering pre-existing conditions) the AHA also sets the stage to allow the Pubs to financially on the struggling middle class and poor, using all these little funky funny technicalities that only politicians know about — budget reconciliation for example.

The Week wrote a very concise article about it, not under healthcare at all, but on Wall Street falling out of love with Trump. (Also important to note, you will find the unfakest news on the business sites, because all they are concerned about is the money, and they are going to factually accurate when it comes down to what’s what with the stocks and the money.)

The article explains how the AHA, if passed, will allow Pubs to slyly slash taxes on the wealthy, which is what they really want to do immediately.

The irony is that the hardline Pubs are blocking it because the AHA is not draconian enough. It’s like they can’t see the forest (give wealthy people whatever they want) for the trees (the AHA still gives to many people too much healthcare.)

If they would just go along with the AHA as it is, wealthy people get all their tax breaks. (And isn’t that the Pub goal always?)

But they refuse because they want more people to be uncovered and die. But if they don’t push this through now, (I’m sure Paul Ryan wants to scream) the wealthy will have to wait on massive tax cuts. They want those tax cuts now. Wall Street was banking on those. And so…this AHA is a really big deal. Out of curiosity, who hopes it passes and why?

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!