It is amazing how this Jedi mind trick works. I was discussing it yesterday with my sister. By simply claiming to be one thing, or another, (you don’t have to actually be married to do this, I’ve known women who wear fake rings just for this purpose), you can usually avoid or at least lessen the kind of sexual harassment you are subjected to.

But what is sad, when you really think about it, is how, I would say a good majority men (and certainly most of the stupid ones) view women.

They really don’t view us as people, but actually objects to be controlled or possessed; and, if you don’t have “a man” it’s a free for all, which is to say, there is just no end to the harassment you can expect to receive until you submit to being some man’s object or possession. It is a sick way to view women, but it is what it is.

What is sadder still, is how many women long to be viewed in this way.

Working with the Light!