It is basically an article that says: “President Trump said this.” Not really much to it, except what the man actually said…and yeah when asked about the fact that he that the proposed Pub healthcare screws over his supporters, far worse than say HRC supporters, his response was, “I know, I know.” He said it twice. Completely unapologetic.

You might not like, what Trump said, but you really can’t blame it on everyone else…the media, the Dems, the aliens, the blacks, the immigrants, the Muslims. No, Trump said that to one of his lackeys, who I guess was like really, Trump? Really?

Yes. The media has issues. Yes they mock Trump ungodly, but when he runs around constantly saying things like this? He brings it on himself.

Neither Trump, nor any of his supporters should expect anything else but constant media attention — a lot of it negative, a lot of it unfair, a lot of it true though. It brought him to power, but of course it’s going to harass him ungodly now that he is in power. That is the way these things work, for everyone, not just Trump.

Working with the Light!

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