It is ironic, but it is this irony that shines a bright light on the lack of humanity, the utter disregard for human life and all things human and civil, that was exhibited by four murderers.

And yes, I and many other use that term “murderer” and not lightly. It is murder to cavalierly take someone’s life. It is, at the very least, an accomplice to murder to stand by and idly watch it happen, and to prevent others (who clearly do possess their humanity) to intervene to stop the murder.

This is murder. It is that important to call the thing what it is, because we need to be honest about what we are dealing with. (State sanctioned murder) and how we continue to enable it, especially when we pretend that it is anything other than that.

Calling these actions anything other than murder, is a way to try to ignore the heinous, sickening, revolting, disgusting behavior that occurred. It’s a way of attempting to pretend the horrorifically insane thing that did happen, didn’t in fact happen.

America’s got a history of doing that. The more we dig into the foundations of American slavery, the more those who benefited from it, want to pretend that it didn’t exist…so they can keep it going. No. Slavery is slavery and murder is murder. If you are involved in any of this, at least be honest about it. Stop lying. Stop spinning. Own it. Say, “I murder because…I enslave because.” If you are bold enough to do it, publicly in broad day light, you need to own it, publicly in broad day light.

And…If you can’t…If you are ashamed, to speak your truth freely, then you know you’ve been lying to yourself about who you are and what you do.

The only way for humans to continue doing horrorific things openly, is to insist that they are not in fact doing this horroriffic thing openly. This is how this works:

Instead of calling what happened to Mr. Floyd murder, this will be the police spin: The police were “apprehending a suspect” who was “resisting arrest.” The police were “doing their job.”

No. Just stop. Enough of this. The police were engaging in state sanctioned murder. Police forces all over the country have not only been trained to engage in state sanctioned murder, they have been trained to call this other things. (Because let’s face it, no one likes to be called a murderer. No one wants that to be their truth, that they are in fact a murderer. Being a murderer sends a huge red flag to other humans: this one is not quite right…This one is not fit to be among us. This one needs a time out, at a minimum.

And so, to avoid that stigma, the police have been trained to use little magic code words, in order to deceive people and convince them that they did not see what they saw. It is not entirely the police’s fault. They have a system in place that brainwashes them into believing them that they are justified in being murderers. This system immediately jumps to their defense and protects them, whenever they murder.

Instead of questioning any one police officer, we need to question the system that sanctions murder.

What the people have seen was murder. State sanctioned murder. They have seen this murder so much, there is no more tolerance for any of it, or any more spin about it, that they will accept.

People see. They see murder. This is why it is being called murder. Shine a light on what is; and it will have to change.

Working with the Light!

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