It is not. It’s just not. There is all sorts of extremism being exhibited on both sides. This is also historical and the same cycles have been repeating throughout history. This all can easily be traced back to the civil war…I guess that’s a false equivalency too? A war that actually happened? No it is not.

The issues change slightly, extremist responses to them do not.

When deeply frustrated, people grab their guns and pitchforks and torches and ropes; and yes this has been happening on the conservative side quite a bit. The difference is, a lot of that is state sanctioned. A black pregnant woman was shot dead, by police in front of her children. Why? Certainly the political climate has played a role. Everything is so polarized police everywhere are frightened. They are outnumbered and they are trying to keep the peace amongst huge numbers of hostile agitated people.

Conservatives play a huge role in stroking these divisive flames; and especially in militarizing the police. Police departments have become a haven for psychos and serial killers largely due to conservative policies that, insisted upon ignoring police corruption. So conservatives don’t have to get violent, they just empower psychos in police departments to do that dirty work for them.

So no. We are not buying this “only liberals are violent” bullshit. Conservative ideology runs on violence and control narratives, from its heavy endorsement of two of the most violent complexes on the planet: prison industrial and military industrial.

What conservatives really don’t care for is liberal ideology running on the same narratives. Because what is good for the goose is never good for the gander. And when the bully gets beaten, well things have got to change a bit. The bully will have to think twice before thrashing his next victim. Liberals are tired of handing over the lunch money.

Admittedly, this is something new. And conservatives are shocked by it. But, I think this points to how exasperated liberals are with violent, controlling conservative ideology. So we are all witnessing extreme backlash on the liberal side. You can’t keep applauding police killing innocent people, and then be surprised when people start fighting for their lives.

You can’t keep applauding the destruction of women’s rights and then be surprised when women respond in anger and outrage.

To put this in the simplest metaphor, you can’t keep punching your fellow citizens in the face, and be shocked when they finally punch you back. Many Conservatives are quite hostile, they do little more than spew anger, hate and fear at imagined enemies. That has repercussions — and no we are all seeing it. For Fox News, we now got CNN and MSM doing the exact same things. It seems like what is really pissing off the right, is that they no longer have the monopoly on anger, hate and fear filled rants. Both sides are playing that game now, and it’s almost like it’s the only game to play. I have watched Today in Politics, lean heavier and heavier into the right-styled anger and fear based reporting. Which often utilizes a lot of race-based dog whistling. “White guilt types”?

What kind of type is that really? Any white person who has an ounce of compassion for a black or brown person, is a problem for a certain conservative ideology.

And…this persistent lack of compassion for anyone “other” is not only violent, and has led to a tremendous amount of violence against anyone who doesn’t agree with this “hatred of other” ideology, it is unnecessarily destructive and inhuman.

There is tremendous destruction and violence going on right now, with federal agents deporting people in the most arbitrary and random of manners — actually undermining local law enforcement, that actually knows the community and knows that this sort of thing makes their jobs that much harder and dangerous for them. So much of this fear-based conservative ideology endangers everyone, and as the left becomes more extreme the dangers grow.

Conservatives are a huge part of this violence and extremism problem. Especially, since conservatives loath compromise, even amongst themselves. If you are unwilling to compromise, then you are attempting to violently force have a nation to bend to you will. Conservatives have been on this power trip for the past 16 years, at least. Probably longer. Ignoring that only adds more fuel to the fire.

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