It is not logical or reasonable. It is in fact so bizarre (when you really look into it) it’s almost as if they are under some kind of spell.

A lot of them genuinely seem to see, at a minimum a great humanitarian in Trump, and in the extreme he is worshipped as if he is a deity.

I am not kidding. I heard this individual, not entirely divorced from reality (but clearly there are issues) who puts Trump on par with the arc angel Michael.

I get not everyone believes in angels. But if you do, Arc angels are pretty high level angels. This individual suggested that Trump and this arc angel were besties working together to save all of the abused and trafficked children of the world, from psychopathic Democrats.

Just okay! There is no reasoning with that kind of lunacy. You just can’t. Their faith is blind and total. Their demonization of all things non Trump, insanely comforting to them.

Their responses to the chaos around us, infantile, at best. Trump is simply a binkie, to most of his base. Take away that binkie, and that base wails inconsolably.

When you a realize trying to talk to Trumpster is like trying to reason with exhausted three year old (who is too damn old for a binkie), you understand what a futile endeavor such a conversation is. Don’t waste your time.

Working with the Light!

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