It is not quite that simple…the reason for black male support of Trump is that racism and sexism will flip on its head and do a 180 in America in certain circumstances…because of the way racism and sexism operate in America.

Lemme give you an example. Hillary Clinton abs Kamala Harris- same/same. No really the took the exact same path to get to the top.

Clinton, however received unprecedented levels of sexist misogynistic hate, while Harris did not. What gives? White people who are incredibly comfortable being ridiculously sexist, are not necessarily AS comfortable being ridiculously racist…so they back up off of Kamala, where they would slaughter Hillary.

Now, black men who should be deeply opposed to racism (Ice Cube, Kanye, hope Trump and crew don’t have Y’all swinging from a tree, ya idiots) kind of turn a blind eye to racism if it means that they can keep a bougie, uppity, man-hating bitch like Harris in her place! Trump might be racist, but at least he understands thus fundamental truism: dicks before chicks!

Some Black men don’t care that Trump is racist, just as long as he is sufficiently sexist to keep a certain type of woman in her place…that’s what matters most to the Cube and Ye types.

This is America…where idiotic brains get scrambled all day, everyday. What a clusterfuck.

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