It is, one would think a condition that would force an certain kind of humility previously unknown, but who knows, really. Everything is nuts now.

As for Son of Baldwin, I don’t think that he is really advocating anyone to take any sort of non lifesaving action based on anyone’s bigotry. In reality, many have pointed out, it is far to impractical an endeavor. He is trying to push buttons, I think. Just making the statement, “hey, if you don’t value me life I won't value yours.”

And if you notice the comment section, most of the opposition is from whites and probably heterosexuals. Blacks and gays don’t seem to have much of a problem with it, so the divide is already there and it is vast. We already live in a country where of huge section doesn’t value the very lives of certain minorities. So to me, if blame needs to be placed for recklessness and or division causing, it should be placed upon those who devalue life first. That’s causing reaction and blowback. Pubs are alarmed by it, but I think it’s just ridiculously unrealistic to think people will submit to having their very lives under attack peacefully and submissively. This goes against the most basic survival instinct. If someone goes for your jugular, (and Pubs consistently do this to all sorts of people) the moment you can’t breathe you instinctively start lashing around insanely, with no regard for any human life other than your own. Is that person crazy, violent, irresponsible, divisive? It is definitely going to look that way, in the absence of context, but, that person is actually fighting for their life.

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