It is sad that people (and this is most people) don’t understand the dangerous and ominous territory we are in, simply because most people don’t study political systems and their stability.

We have had a real stable system in place for quite sometime. I never imagined it would delve into unstable dictator territory so swiftly. Just like that, the Free Press is no longer Free.

Without the free press, there can be no more free elections. This can be a means by which president Trump becomes dictator Trump, or the Republican Party becomes a dictator party, constantly producing dictators like Trump.

It is impossible to fight against dictator strategists using democratic tactics, because dictators do not respect critical elements of democracy like the free press.

We are clearly on the road to second and third world status. These countries are the way they are because of political instability in their systems that looks just like this. Political instability breeds corruption which breeds greater instability, and it gets to a point where people are shot down in the street for trying to vote or protect their own property.

I am making myself sick looking at the ways in which we the people are and are not pushing back against the dismantling of democracy.

People wanted to scrap the system, because it was corrupt. I understood that. But to have it be replaced by something far more corrupt was a really stupid move.

And for me, that is what is the most frustrating part of all of this. Most people have no idea the extraordinary havoc they have brought on this country, on their children, on their own lives by putting this dictator in office. They were voting for better, safer lives when in reality, they well get the reverse. All of our democratic systems are being dismantled quickly. Meanwhile, there has been very little discussion of all the amazing plans to make America great again.

It’s like the film, “our Brand is Crisis.” In that election, (in that third world country) once the cult of personality figure was elected, (by a very slim margin) his first day in office, he did exactly the opposite of what he promised everyone he would do. He made a deal with the World Bank, that would bring greater financial oppression to all the citizens of that country.

Outraged by the blatant betrayal, the people were rioting in the streets, but it was too late, the damage had been done. The promises of prosperity evaporated immediately into greater poverty for most people- and the President didn’t care, it was just a paycheck to him. And after he got elected he wouldn’t even speak to everyday people who had campaigned so hard for him on his platform for change. This is now our American story, too.

In times like this, journalists pushing back are absolutely the last defense. I hope you all continue to do it. I hope that social media will continue to bring to light all the news that mainstream media ignores.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!