It isn’t and it doesn’t. I am not mad and you’re just typical. You want the stats to say what you want them to say, and believe me, being a part of the game that is EEO/ AA and Diversity, I know all about jiggering the stats to say…well whatever, a higher up wants them to say. I know how to sell it too…got damn good at that game, there’s good money in it.

Not, as my cousin who made partner at a top-tier law firm said to me, “white boy money.” He said even after working his ass of 100 plus billable hours every week, he still wasn’t making “white boy money.” I said, well damn! What does it take then?

The right connections. Makes sense. Sometimes just being white and male is just enough of a connection and sometimes it aint. In a law firm, it’s not. My cuz is damn near white, blue eyes and everything. He got that whole Jessie Williams look going for him.

Nah, I never made that white boy money, and apparently, neither did he, though we both did the whole hell that was law school.

It’s all good though. Super thankful for all I have and have no regrets about any of it. Just don’t really want to debate this issue anymore. People are super touchy about it, and simply refuse to deal in the truth.

Working with the Light!

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