It makes sense if aliens think humans (or whatever runs the US war machine) is so destructive that it will fuck up their shit. I only say this because that theory is out there amongst the UFO watchers. Unacknowledged is an odd documentary on Netflix, but it suggest that the US War machine is the REAL US government…the presidents are puppets.

The doc has footage from many of the American Presidents that suggests, they were all afraid of the power of the US military machine…And that is largely beyond their control. They Presidents just sell the wars to the people, they don’t start them.

All of the super military tech is linked to the first atomic bomb, which according to the doc, is what brought the aliens here in the first place.

After that, the military tech just kept getting exponentially more advanced. UFO folks have claimed that aliens have been around for years, sharing technology and it’s all kept so secret, because the military wants the technology to be a secret.

Mass usage of the tech would fundamentally change the world in ways that would undermine the military machine. The technology could solve a lot of resource problems as almost all wars are fought over limited resources. (The doc interestingly enough goes into all the inventors of free energy, and how they either get bought out or killed by nefarious forces, and their inventions are stolen and/or hidden.)

This makes PERFECT sense when you look at how our world is currently run. 5 people have ALMOST ALL the resources. They understand that their power is tied into the fact and that fact only. (I’m being facetious when I say 5…but like what 20, 000 people maybe…out of 7 billion.)

I realize these ideas are largely unknown in mainstream circles, but I find them quite interesting. As well as the fact that the Pentagon keeps dragging out this same sorry picture of alleged UFOs every six months.

Some people believe this is prep for a false flag, alien invasion. Humans are tired of fighting other humans, we no longer see the value in that, so how about we bring in aliens? Give humans a new enemy? A new reason to keep them afraid and wanting war?

This is another theory. Some people claim the technology is in place to pull this off. Holographic images of UFOS and aliens destroying things…this will freak people the fuck out.

Whatever the reason behind the Pentagon spouting this bullshit, the one thing we all know is that they don’t give a goddamn about sharing the truth with the public.

THIS IS NOT THE REASON they suddenly wanna have a nice chat about UFOs…the reasons are spin, narrative control, manipulation of some kind. We just don’t know what or why. They’re up to something.

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