It really didn’t. She spoke about divestment, a political tool used effectively against the South African Apartheid regime, and maybe could be used effectively against Israel’s kill all the Palestinians regime. Governments are not people. Power Brokers in Israel don’t represent Jews anymore than Donald Trump represents all Americans. Do you really think we are that stupid?

Apparently you do. I really don’t care much about this issue, but I do find the Israel government’s desire to tell American companies what they can say, how they can organize politically and how they spend their money EXTREMELY ALARMING!

I’m not buying the damn Sabra…the humis was never that great, but because Israel is trying to ram it down my throat — I don’t trust it. No one should. Anyone or anything that tries to get or keep customers by putting a gun to customers heads, is up to something grimey. If American Palestinians don’t want to buy products that allow Israel to buy a trillion guns to make jelly jam out of their fellow Palestinians…they should have every right.

Stop trying to make THAT about anti-semitism. It’s not. It’s about f@cking human decency and taking a stand for what’s right, and A LOT of Jews are willing to do that. So this ain’t about Jews…it’s about a massive Israeli power trip.

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