It really is. Especially in the South, it’s almost surreal. Race relations are just about at the same place they were 150 years ago. A lot of blacks in that region of the country act as if they are still enslaved; and a lot of white people in that part of the country truly enjoy reveling in that particular dynamic.

But it’s not as if the North is any better; racism is just different.

When it comes to a particular class of blacks- the underclass in the North and South are treated just like indigenuous people (which is to say horrifically.)

I do so appreciate your honesty though. I realize it’s difficult for most whites to be this honest, because it’s just not the white thing to do.

A lot of whites seem to think they have a deep vested interested in not acknowledging any past sins against former slaves and their descendants — and I haven’t even touched on the Native Americans. Why are so many white people so touchy about this? Honestly, I just don’t get it.

But I believe, in fact I know, that these crimes don’t belong to all white people, but only a few, and really to a system, and a way of thinking that just really needs to change. But I think most whites are afraid of that change, because that path is so unknown to them. I guess that’s it. If white people all decided to admit, “you know our ancestors, they could have done a few things better. Cause that whole slavery thing? And that pushing all the natives off into a corner thing? Man, that wasn’t cool.” Then that admission would mean, going forward, some things would have to change.

But, in this new world, change is finding white folks anyway. It’s finding us all, really.

Working with the Light!

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